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Full Mouth Series - also known as an FMX consists of 18 photos to capture all areas of the mouth for a detailed diagnosis and treatment planning. An FMX is taken at your first visit and every 3-5 years after.

Bitewing X-ray - Consists of 2-7 photos that can be taken horizontally or vertically. Used to capture the top or crowns of the back teeth and evaluate bone level. These x-rays help detect cavities that may be between the teeth and under existing dental restorations. Bitewing X-rays are taken once per year by your hygienist at a cleaning visit.  

Periapical X-ray - A single photo to capture the tip of the root on the digital film. This is often helpful in determining the cause of pain in a specific tooth, because it allows Dr. Haynes to visualize the tooth as well as the surrounding bone in their entirety.