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Root canals - If you're in need of root canal therapy, you may be having trouble eating or sleeping. A toothache or sensitivity to hot or cold is common, and you may even have swelling or tenderness in the gums. Root canals are needed when a dental infection, or tooth decay, reaches the pulp chamber of the tooth. The infection destroys the nerves located within the root of the tooth, eventually causing the tooth to die. Years ago, the only option for this type of dental problem was a tooth extraction.

Now, thanks to dental technology, Let’s C U Smile can save your tooth even when there's a major infection. New technology now enables Dr. Haynes to perform the procedure virtually pain-free.

During the first visit, she will “open” the tooth and relieve the abscess and remove the nerve. Once the tooth nerve is removed medication is placed. To complete the root canal procedure,  the second appointment will be to shape and fill the tooth root so that bacteria cannot make its way down the canals and create another infection. The root canal procedure is complete, however there is no longer a blood supply going to the tooth and will eventually become weak. It's likely you'll need a post and crown, if you don’t already have one on the tooth, to provide full protection from future wear and use.

(This procedure will likely take two appointments depending on the tooth. Infection control time is about 90min. Shape and fill time is about 1 hour)